Anleitung zur GPS-Navigation im Flugzeug

Luftfahrt-Abkürzungen, Satelliten-Navigation GPS & GALILEO betreffend

A/C       Aircraft

ACT       Active Flight Plan

ADJ       Adjust

ALT       Altitude

APR      Approach

APT      Airport

ARV      Arrival

ATF       Aerodrome Traffic Frequency

ATIS      Automatic Terminal Information Service

AUX      Auxiliary, Zusatz...

AZM      Azimuth (bearing)

BRG       Bearing

CAL       Calculator

CAS       Calibrated Airspeed

CDI        Course Deviation Indicator

CPA       Closest Point of Approach

CRS       Course

CRSR     Cursor

CTA       Control Area (ICAO)

CTF       Common Traffic Advisory Frequency

CTR       Control Area, Kontrollzone

CTS       Course to Steer

D►       Direct To

DALT    Density Altitude

DB        Database

DEG      Degrees

DEL       Delete, Löschen

DEP       Departure

DIS        Distance (to Waypoint)

DME      Distance Measuring Equipment

DTK       Desired Track

E            East

EGNOS  Europ. Geostationary Nav. Overlay Serv.

ELEV      Elevation

ENT       Enter

ESA       Europäische Weltraumorganisation

ESA       Enroute Safe Altitude

ETA       Estimated Time of Arrival

ETE       Estimated Time En route

FPL       Flight Plan

FPM     Feet per Minute

FR        From

FSS      Flight Service Station

FT        Feet

GBAS   Ground Based Augmentation System

GND    Ground

GPS     Global Positioning System

GS       Ground Speed

HDG    Heading

hg       Inches of Mercury

IALT    Indicated Altitude

ICAO  International Civil Aviation Organization

IDENT Identifier

IFR      Instrument Flight Rules

ILS      Instrument Landing System

INIT    Initialization

INT     Intersection (Waypoint)

kh       Kilometers per hour

KM      Kilometers

km      Kilometers

KT       Knots

kt        Knots

LAT     Latitude

L         Left

LCL     Local

LEG     Leg

LEN     Length


LOC           Localizer

M               Meter

Mag VAR   Magnetic Variation

mb             Millibar

MEA           Minimum Safe En-Route Altitude (IFR)

MESSAGE   Nachricht

MF              Mandatory Frequency

mh             Statute Miles per Hour

MIN            Minuten

mi              Statute Miles

MPM          Miles per Minute

MSA           Minimum Safe Altitude

N                NDB-Waypoint

N                North

NAV           Navigation


NDB           NDB-Waypoint

NM / nm    Nautical Miles

NR / NRST  Nearest

OBS            Omni Bearing Selector

OTH            Other

POS            Position

POSN         Position

PRES          Altimeter Setting

PROC         Procedure

PROX         Proximity

PRS            PRessure

PWR           Power

QNH          Altimeter Setting (P. reduced to MSL)

RAD           Radial

RDR           Radar

REF            Reference

REQ           Required

RES            Reserve Fuel

RNWY        Runway

RTE            Route

RWY          Runway

S                South

SBAS         Sat. Based Augmentation System

SEC           Second

SET           Setup

SGL           Signal

SLCT         Select

SOG         Speed Over Ground

SRFC         Surface

SUA          Flugbeschränkungsgebiet

SW           Software

TAS          True Air Speed

TCA          Terminal Control Area

TEMP       Temperature

TK            Actual Track

TMA        Terminal Control Area (ICAO)

TOT         Total

TRK         Track Angle

TRN        Turn Angle

TWR       Tower

U            Time UTC

U/USR    User-defined Waypoint

USER      User Waypoint

USR        User Waypoint

UTC        Universal Time Coordinated

V/VOR    VOR-Waypoint


VNAV      Vertical Navigation

WPT        Waypoint

WX          Weather

Z             Zulu Time